Cadillac Opens V-Series Performance Academy for Automotive Enthusiasts [video]

Cadillac, with the assistance of Ron Fellows, has publicly opened the new V-Series Academy. Located at Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club, one-hour West of Las Vegas, the academy will offer one and two day performance classes. With over four miles of racetrack and 100+ feet of elevation change, V-Series enthusiasts will be challenged by a curriculum composed of control exercises and performance driving techniques.

Cadillac V-Series Academy© General Motors

The experience of driving a Cadillac V-Series car is extremely convincing…This new partnership with Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch opens a new experience in a truly luxurious setting for consumers…

Classes are limited to 12 students per session and start at $1,295 per student for one-day of enthusiast driving and personal training. For more detailed information, hop on over to the V-Series Academy website.

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